WWE Hall of Famer recalls the brilliance behind Bray Wyatt’s character, compares his character to another legend


Former WWE Superstar Bray Wyatt was one of the most enigmatic characters the promotion has ever seen. His creativity was cherished by fans around the world. A Hall of Famer recently spoke on the Eater of World’s brilliant mind for professional wrestling.

Although currently contracted to AEW, Arn Anderson is best known for his time in WCW and WWE. During his time with the latter promotion he worked alongside Bray Wyatt as a backstage producer.

Speaking on his ARN podcast, the legendary Horseman compared the late Windham Rotunda’s cult leader gimmick to notorious serial killer Charles Manson:

“That’s a 300-pound Charles Manson. That’s what I get from that character.” [H/T: Wrestling Inc.]

Anderson then went on to praise Wyatt for his in-ring athleticism and compared his character work to another recently deceased star, Terry Funk:

“[Wyatt was a] great athlete underneath that 300 pounds. He could move around that ring. And the character — he had it so down. Again, that’s another one of those guys — very Terry Funk-ish.”

These words from a WWE legend like Arn Anderson only further exemplify how important Wyatt was to not only the company, but the entire wrestling industry.

Arn Anderson says Bray Wyatt deserves more credit for creating his WWE character

Continuing from his previous statements, Arn Anderson then spoke about how Bray Wyatt basically created his character by himself after his run as Husky Harris dwindled out.

“After they shut the Nexus down and everybody kind of went their own way, … Bray Wyatt’s [character] was not created in a booking meeting. He created all that, you know? And I don’t think he gets enough credit for the fact that he created that character. I’m sure he had a lot to do with [Erick Rowan’s] and [Luke Harper’s] character development.”

While the Wyatt Family story arc was well-received and fairly successful, many feel as though WWE could have done more with the gimmick. Bray Wyatt would go on to successfully reinvent his character several times over after this initial stint in the mainstream spotlight.

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