Keith Olbermann is an American sports and political commentator who also writes about sports and politics. Known most for his role as a co-host with Dan Patrick on ESPN’s “SportsCenter,” he was a sports correspondent for CNN and local radio stations for 20 years. He also worked for Fox and ESPN, covering Major League Baseball.

Olbermann is now big into politics, and depending on what side people are on, some of his takes might offend people. His latest take had people in the sports world furious as he called out Angel Reese on Sunday. Reese made the “You Can’t See Me” gesture towards Iowa star Caitlin Clark while LSU was seconds away from winning the NCA A women’s national championship 102-85.

Keith Olbermann slammed the young star on Twitter:

“Doesn’t matter the gender, the sport, the background – you’re seconds away from a championship and you do something like this and overshadow all the good. Mindless, classless, and what kind of coach does this team have?”

Some responded with indications that Olbermann is racist, as others who follow his political standpoint say that those political thoughts are also racist. Olbermann didn’t just stop there, adding more to some of his responses on Twitter. He then tweeted:

“Bull****. It was garbage and classless. And worst of all she overshadowed her own team and its finest moment.”

Olbermann later apologized for his actions, noting on Twitter that he didn’t realize that Caitlin Clark has also made the gesture:

“I apologize for being uninformed last night about the back story on this. I don’t follow hoops, college or pro, men or women. I had no idea about Clark. Both were wrong.”

It was an interesting day for Keith Olbermann, as he had multiple former NBA players say that what he said was wrong. Shaquille O’Neal and Jay Williams are two of the main names that were angered by his comments. O’Neal, a former LSU star, even told him to shut his dumb*** up and to leave Angel Reese alone.

Jay Williams made some interesting remarks, noting that trash talking is okay.

“Trash talking is OK, Williams said. “We see it with Patrick Beverley and Austin Reaves, and we applaud it.”

Jay Williams calls out David Portnoy and Keith Olbermann for attacking Angel Reese“Trash talking is okay… We see it with Patrick Beverley and Austin Reaves and we applaud it”

Olbermann at least issued an apology, which is better than him not doing so. While his words might be taken to the next level by some who don’t like him, they should hopefully appreciate his apology.

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