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What did Jennifer Brunet from Centereach High School say? Long Island student sues school district over racist attack by teacher 

Isabelle Rexach Moore, a Centereach High School student, recently filed a complaint against the school as she claimed that she was allegedly being targeted by her math teacher, Jennifer Brunet, because of her skin color and the clothes she wore. She claimed that she was being singled out and treated differently.

She claimed that the teacher often used the term “sl*t” and complained about “black kids always being absent.” At the same time, the decision to sue Centereach High School came after the student and the parents claimed that the school did nothing about the teacher, even after they investigated the whole matter of racism and bullying.

While speaking to The Post, Rexach Moore stated:

“It made me feel little. I felt like everyone’s eyes were on me because this wasn’t happening to anyone else.”


Isabelle, a student of Centereach High School, is a special education student as she suffers from anxiety, depression, and bipolar issues.

What does the suit against the Centereach High School state?

Isabelle, while filing the complaint against the teacher and the Centereach High School, claimed that math teacher Jennifer Brunet often passed racist comments on her. She claimed that Brunet did not say anything to the classmates, who wore similar outfits, but always spoke in an indifferent manner to Isabelle.

The teen said:

“Like four other girls that were white, and nothing was said to them, but it was said to me.”

At the same time, Moore stated that when she confronted the teacher about the sl*t remark, she said:

“If you dress like a sl*t and I call you out for being a sl*t, I guess that would make me a racist.”

She also stated in her complaint that she came to school once after being sick, which led to the math teacher passing a racial remark:

“She realized that I was there, and she seemed upset about it, and she made the comment that ‘these Black kids are always absent.’”

Furthermore, the mother of the Centereach High School student also spoke to Fox 5 New York and claimed that the parents were outraged by the s*xual comments made on their daughter. She said:

“Her senior year is supposed to be the best year of her life… instead she’s being victimized by a teacher.”

Parents and lawyers alleged that the teacher bullied the teen repeatedly. (Image via FOX 5 New York)
Parents and lawyers alleged that the teacher bullied the teen repeatedly. (Image via FOX 5 New York)

At the same time, the parents and Isabelle also claimed that the behavior of the math teacher is only worsening her anxiety and other mental health conditions.

Isabelle also stated that she had complained to the school as well, but even after investigating the matter and speaking to the students about it, Centereach High School took no action against the teacher. This led to Isabelle filing the complaint through a state law called DASA, which is the Dignity for All Students Act. Reportedly, the law is meant for bullying behavior against students, especially the disabled.

However, Centereach High School has also issued a statement against the alleged complaint and called this a “personal issue.”

Lawyers of the teen claim that they will file a multi-million dollar lawsuit in order to “get rid” of the bully.

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