GTA RP streamer RatedEpicz has been permanently banned from all NoPixel servers. He was in the middle of a livestream when he got the news.

RatedEpicz is quite well-known in the Grand Theft Auto roleplaying community for his Chang Gang criminal character, Randy Bullet, and San Andreas Police character, A.J. Hunter.

The streamer was live on Facebook Gaming when he heard about the ban and was confused about why the decision was taken:

“Why am I… I am perma banned. What did I do?”

He was not expecting to get banned from NoPixel and expressed his bewilderment at the news:

“Wait, what?”

The ban clearly upset RatedEpicz, who ended his broadcast shortly after:

“I don’t know what I did. It’s alright, we’ll figure it out. I’ll have to end stream… I am banned from NoPixel.”

Timestamp 7:23:22

“Not much will be said about it” – NoPixel owner Koil reveals staff members unanimously decided to ban GTA RP streamer RatedEpicz

Koil, popular Grand Theft Auto streamer and lead developer/owner of NoPixel, has stated that the specifics of RatedEpicz’s ban will not be announced to the public. During his latest Twitch livestream, he said:

“There’s not going to be much said about it in terms of the specifics.”


However, Koil did mention that the staff members of NoPixel unanimously decided on the ban. He added that the decision was probably permanent and that fans should not expect a reversal any time soon:

“But, pretty much every, well not pretty much. Every staff member pretty much unanimously decided to remove him from the community, essentially. And that’s, uh, likely to not change. Even after thirty days.”

Despite calls for a viable explanation, Koil remained firm in his statement that the NoPixel team will not provide any further information:

“That’s all you’re gonna get. That’s all you gotta know. And that’s just it.”


HutchMF, who roleplays Hutch Hutcherson as a fellow Chang Gang member, also clarified that the ban from the NoPixel servers cannot be appealed after a viewer asked him about it on stream:

“It’s 100% real, Randy or RatedEpicz was banned live on stream permanently from NoPixel. He has not gotten a reason yet, that’s all I know. ‘He can appeal, right?’ No, nope. This is a permanent ban. You cannot come back. There is no appeal process. He is permanently banned from NoPixel.”

Social media reactions to the ban

Here are some reactions to RatedEpicz’s ban on social media:

Redditors of r/LivestreamFail commenting on Koil's statements (Image via r/LivestreamFail)
Redditors of r/LivestreamFail commenting on Koil’s statements (Image via r/LivestreamFail)
Redditors or r/RPClipsGTA reacting to the ban (Image via r/RPClipsGTA)
Redditors or r/RPClipsGTA reacting to the ban (Image via r/RPClipsGTA)

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