Summer House season 7 is set to return with another episode this week. In the upcoming segment, the girls find themselves caught up in another confrontation at a dinner party while another cast member, Chris Leoni, joins the fun.

The synopsis of the upcoming episode, titled Hazed and Confused, reads:

“A confrontation during a girls-night dinner opens a rift between Lindsay and Danielle; Ciara considers a fling as a new man joins the house; everyone gets ready to send it at Kyle’s 40th birthday party.”

Tune in on Monday, April 3, at 9 pm ET to watch the upcoming episode of Summer House season 7 on Bravo.

Summer House season 7 welcomes a new cast member in the upcoming episode

The upcoming episode of Summer House season 7 will see a new face join the show. However, he may not be everyone’s favorite as he’s seen questioning Paige and Craig’s relationship. In a promo clip uploaded to Bravo, Chris, the cast member set to appear on the show states that he asked Paige about her long-distance relationship. Gabby asks whether he believes in it, and he states that he has his doubts.

Craig tells him that the two love having their own space, and Paige likes the space to be able to watch her shows. He added:

“And then he have four or five days together and I feel like that time together is almost more genuine than the time I’ve spent with people in the past.”

Meanwhile, the new Summer House cast member asks him where he spends more time–New York or Charleston–to which Craig responds by stating that his girlfriend hasn’t been to Charleston in two months since she’s busy in the city.

He then proceeds to tell Chris that he doesn’t know the next chapter of their relationship because it’s been a year since their engagement, and he’s starting to get “lonelier quicker now.” This does not sit well with Paige, who is seen quietly sipping her drink.

In a confessional, she says:

“I don’t think Craig really understands what he’s asking me. He just wants me around more. But I don’t want to go down to South Carolina more.”

What happened previously on Summer House season 7?

In last week’s episode, which aired on Tuesday, March 27, 2023, Amanda and Lindsey go to lunch to hash out the differences that fans saw in the initial episodes of the current season. Lindsey tells her that she believes there is tension between the two of them since they haven’t been able to talk to each other, and there has been “outside chatter” in the middle.

She further tells her Summer House season 7 cast member that they’ve had an interesting relationship throughout the years because of the show, their personal equations, and their spouses. Lindsey adds that she thought the two were getting a lot closer, but then Amanda had things to say about her relationship such as “they’re moving in too soon” and “Carl’s been tainted by Lindsey.”

Amanda states that she understands where her fellow cast member is coming from, which is why she apologized to her while the two were texting. She further adds that she felt Carl’s opinions change and was frustrated by that behavior.

Tune in on Monday, April 3, at 9 pm ET to watch the upcoming episode of Summer House season 7 on Bravo.

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