Starfield player discovers secret about alien life that will shock you


Starfield boasts an extensive universe with more than a thousand planets and has become a blockbuster hit in 2023. Bethesda fans know the company’s penchant for intricate game design and endless possibilities. However, this title has managed to surpass all expectations by unveiling an extraordinary feature that unexpectedly adds to the realism. It’s truly remarkable just how accurate the gameplay has become.

Capturing a new and positive side of the RPG, Starfield’s latest revelation has been uncovered by a Redditor. This article dives into the details of the discovery.

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Alien life in Starfield is extremely detailed

There was a recent revelation by ICCanada, a Redditor who stumbled upon a surprise detail in Starfield. While playing as a scientist, the goal was to explore all planets and creatures to achieve 100% completion. However, the challenge arose in locating the minuscule beetles that scuttled around.

To complete the location scan, he embarked on a bug-hunting excursion to locate the creature, scrutinizing everything meticulously. It dawned on him later that this specific alien species had the word “scavenger” incorporated into their names.

A theory that came to him quickly was that when there are three different lifeforms on a planet, a hunter species, a prey species, and a scavenger species will always exist. By tracking a group of hunters to where they attack and kill prey and waiting a bit, you can actually discover the scavengers that emerge. In this specific scenario, beetles were the scavenger species that appeared.

Adding to his statement, it appears that the “scavenger” label can also be attached to certain “prey” animals. However, in the event that these “prey” creatures are targeted and slain by the hunting species, the smaller scavengers never seem to be too far behind.

In Starfield, the RPG element really stands out, showcasing that the game’s role-play extends far beyond dialogue options and alternate quests. It’s fascinating to note that Bethesda’s games leave the choice and branching path up to the player, including the option to not even participate in the main quest, yet still be completely satisfied with their overall experience.

There are fish in Starfield

The level of astonishment expressed by the gaming community toward Starfield’s vast universe brimming with exploration is truly striking. Despite having dedicated countless hours to the game, many Redditors were taken aback by the presence of fish.

If you’re wondering why you can’t achieve planet completion after locating all alien forms, you’re probably missing the coastal areas and the marine life.

To quickly determine if fish are present, try dropping a landing point in the ocean. If it states “0%,” this implies the existence of fish and that a nearby coastline must be located on that planet.

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