Regice is the latest addition to the Legendary Titans that got a shadow form in Pokemon GO as part of Team Rocket GO Leader Giovanni’s team. In March 2023, players encountered a Shadow Regice after defeating the evil team’s boss in battle during the Let’s GO event. After capturing the shadow form of this creature, the most common question is whether to purify it or not.

Although there is no correct answer to this question, one can always list the advantages and disadvantages of both.

Advantages and disadvantages of purifying Shadow Regice in Pokemon GO

Shadow and purified Regice have applications in both PvP and PvE battles. Therefore, you can choose to purify your Ice-type legendary pocket monster based on the outcomes listed below.

What do you gain by retaining Shadow Regice in Pokemon GO?


Long-time trainers will know that shadow versions of Pokemon pack an additional punch when it comes to offensive prowess. However, they are more susceptible to attacks themselves, being weak defensively.

Therefore, retaining Shadow Regice would allow its attacks to be 1.2 times more effective. This comes with a defensive debuff, wherein your defensive stats will be multiplied by 0.833, leaving your creature more vulnerable to your opponent’s attacks.

Additionally, Shadow Regice will have to keep its Charged Move Frustration, which can only be changed with TMs during special events.

What do you gain by purifying Shadow Regice in Pokemon GO?


By purifying your Shadow Pokemon, you reduce its damage output but also make sure that it incurs a regular amount of damage from its enemies.

Moreover, the CP of your Shadow Regice will be boosted to become equivalent to Level 25. The individual values (IVs) of the purified creature will also increase by two points each. This also comes with the additional benefit of requiring less candy to power up, evolve, and learn new attacks.

When you purify Shadow Regice, Return will replace Frustration as the creature’s Charged Move. You can change this at any time using a TM.



While the decision to purify Shadow pocket monsters in Pokemon GO rests on you, it is recommended that you retain the Shadow form if you want to use it in Raid Battles because of the additional offensive pressure. Considering it has respectable defensive stats, Shadow Regice should be able to tank a sufficient number of hits.

Having said that, if you wish to max out the potential of Regice, you are better off purifying it as it will lower the cost of upgrades and allow you to tailor its moveset according to your preference.

Remember that regardless of Shadow Regice’s purification, it will be useful in both PvP and PvE battles if used correctly.

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