Roman Reigns could finally turn babyface for rumored feud against top SmackDown Superstar

Roman Reigns, the self-proclaimed “Tribal Chief” of WWE, has dominated the professional wrestling scene as a dominant and despised heel for quite some time now. However, recent rumors regarding a potential match against Solo Sikoa could suggest that Reigns might be on the verge of a dramatic character shift, as he prepares to embark on a highly anticipated potential feud with his real-life cousin.

It is believed that WWE sees Sikoa as the top heel in the company for the foreseeable future, which would necessitate Reigns taking on the role of the beloved babyface. WrestleVotes had revealed that WWE sees Gunther and Solo Sikoa as the top heels for the next decade.

The WWE Universal Champion has been a heel ever since his monumental reigns started at SummerSlam 2020. At the same time, he is currently having tensions with The Usos, with Sikoa by his side. Dave Meltzer of the Wrestling Observer stated that the endgame is for Roman Reigns to have a match against The Street Champion. This could mean that with Sikoa in the top heel position, Reigns might finally turn into a hero once again.

Roman Reigns was really in Dad Mode with the Usos😂

Should Roman Reigns return to being a babyface?

Reigns’ transformation from a despised villain to a beloved hero would mark a significant turning point in his career. The transition is likely to be met with both excitement and skepticism from fans, as Reigns has thrived as a heel with his current character, displaying an unparalleled charisma and intensity that has made him one of the most compelling figures in WWE.

WWE repeatedly tried to make Reigns a popular babyface, but the fans always turned on him. It wasn’t until he adopted The Tribal Chief persona that he started becoming popular with the fans. After staying on top for nearly three years, it could be a good idea for Reigns to alter his character and blend his old persona with the current one, and become a beloved babyface.

Roman Reigns accidently bumping into Solo Sikoa was a crazy moment.The tension could be cut with a knife.

Turning Roman Reigns into a fan-favorite superstar would also rejuvenate his character and potentially open up new avenues for storytelling. As a babyface, Reigns could become an inspirational figure, using his platform to motivate and uplift others.

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