In an unexpected turn of events, golfer Michael Block received a congratulatory note from none other than basketball legend Michael Jordan. The story of Jordan’s text message to Block, which Golf Digest disclosed on Tuesday, has taken social media by storm, attracting the attention and curiosity of numerous people.

“I’m a big Jordan guy my whole life,” Block told reporters. “I was a little kid in Iowa saving a hundred bucks for a pair of Jordans back in the day. Pretty darn cool, to say the least.”

Nothing like getting a message from the GOAT to start your week off right. 🔥

Michael Block’s outstanding performance at the PGA Championship has won him legions of new fans from throughout the country. Michael Block, who is known for delivering golf instruction for a low charge of $150 per session, had an amazing journey that concluded in a commendable 15th-place finish in the famous tournament.

Michael Block on the message he received from MJ. 💬

Michael Block scored a hole-in-one during the final round on Sunday, adding a touch of brilliance to his already outstanding performance.

Michael Block apologized to fans for not returning messages

Despite the huge attention and rush of messages received in the aftermath of Michael Jordan’s congratulations text, the 46-year-old golfer has struggled to answer to everyone.

“There’s a lot going on, and I really apologize to all my friends and fans and PGA members out there that have texted me. I’m sorry I haven’t gotten back to you. I literally scroll and scroll and scroll, and it’s never-ending,” Block said

Michael Block said that he used the chance to ask Jordan if he wanted to play a game of golf with him. However, given Jordan’s hectic schedule and multiple commitments, it’s unclear whether the basketball legend will be able to attend the game.

2023 PGA Championship - Final Round
2023 PGA Championship – Final Round

While navigating his newfound celeb status, Michael Block has also been working on his future golfing endeavors. His outstanding performance at the PGA Championship has earned him a spot in next year’s edition of the famous tournament.

Block has also been invited by a sponsor to participate in the highly anticipated Charles Schwab Challenge, which is taking place this week. This invitation acknowledges his remarkable talent and possible impact on the tournament.

Block has also been invited to compete in the upcoming RBC Canadian Open, which is set to take place next month. These invitations represent the recognition and respect he has received from the golfing world, and provide him with further opportunity to exhibit his abilities on a grand scale.

Fans and followers are eagerly awaiting Block’s next actions as he continues to manage his newfound fame and navigate his hectic schedule. The support and admiration he has received as a result of his recent accomplishments attest to his determination and talent, making him a rising star to watch in the world of professional golf.

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