Pokemon GO’s recent controversies haven’t left the minds of many players, and the debut of the Master Ball hasn’t persuaded trainers to let the mobile developers off the hook. Traditionally, the Master Ball is considered an incredibly rare item, but the player base isn’t convinced that Niantic will keep it that way if there is money to be made from them.

In a Pokemon GO subreddit post by the user WizardingWorld97, trainers expressed their doubt that Niantic wouldn’t eventually make Master Balls obtainable with microtransactions.

WizardingWorld97 highlighted a line from Professor Willow in the Let’s GO! questline where he remarks, “You can’t buy (the Master Ball) anywhere,” which, the Redditor stated in the title, would likely “age like milk.”

A discussion ensued among Pokemon GO players in the comments, and many fans shared the original sentiment toward Niantic.

Pokemon GO players discuss the possibility of the Master Ball being made purchaseable

In the Pokemon franchise as a whole, particularly in the mainline games, trainers typically only receive one Master Ball during the storyline. There are exceptions in some titles, as well as glitches and cheats, but the prevailing status of the Master Ball is that it’s incredibly rare.

However, given the fact that Pokemon GO has numerous ways to coax players into purchasing content and items via microtransactions, many fans aren’t convinced that the Master Ball will stay rare. Some trainers pumped the brakes on the idea that Niantic would add the powerful Pokeball to the in-game shop but would instead make it obtainable via research stories stuck behind a paywall.

Pokemon GO players can currently acquire a free Master Ball from completing Professor Willow’s Special Research Story during the Rising Heroes season. However, few things in the game stay free when they’re coveted, and fans were quick to point this out.

Players believe that it may take some time, but the game’s developers will eventually cave and make the Master Ball more accessible for those who are willing to spend time and/or money to get more.

It appears that the wounds inflicted on some members of the Pokemon GO fanbase after the remote raiding nerfs, paywalling of creatures like Keldeo, and the considerably low appearance and catch rates of some Pocket Monsters are still fresh.

To these fans, Niantic has only continued pushing forward with controversial decisions (some of which they’ve defended publically). Monetizing the elusive Master Ball would simply be another misstep in a long line of missteps dating back to 2022 and even beyond.

Niantic has been mum so far on the prospect of making Master Balls available elsewhere, though they did leave the door open for “future opportunities” where trainers could acquire the flawless Pokeball. This could mean adding new research or events centered around the Master Ball, some of which have the potential to be paywalled behind research or event tickets.

However, fans won’t be able to know for sure until Niantic makes an announcement or dedicated data miners, like those at PokeMiners, find some form of evidence in the game code.

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