Phil Mickelson explains 3 master class things to remember for improving short game

Phil Mickelson is considered one of the legends due to his staggeringly consistent performance over the year. The oldest major champion has excelled in his skills in short games.

Recently, spoke with the six-time major champion and learned some “hard and fast rules” to improve the short game.

He explained that when it comes to pitching and chipping, there are three things that a player must try to keep in mind.

1) Weight distribution

Phil Mickelson explained the importance of setting up before making a shot. He shared that a golfer must put his weight forward. He highlighted that clubs mess up if the weight is put on the back foot.

While speaking to, he said:

“Put your weight forward. Your weight forward helps drive the club down into the ground. Most people chip with their weight back.”

2) Hands placement

The short game legend then spoke of the hand placement of the club. He emphasized keeping the hands ahead of the club. He explained it by saying that if the hands are back, there could be chances of the leading edge.

Mickelson said:

“You have to have hands ahead of the club. You can’t have your hands back. Because once the club passes your arm, the leading edge is coming up, the bounce is being added and the balls gonna hit the ground bleed, right into the ball, I mean the club will hit the ground.”

3) Ball placement

Finally, Phil Mickelson pointed it out by explaining where to place the ball. He explained the dynamics of placing the ball low or high.

He said in the video:

“You have to make a decision, this is where most amateurs really mess up, on if you’re going on low or high. If you go low, you gonna have the ball on your back foot and if you go high, it’s gonna be on your front foot.”

He highlighted that the ball could not be placed in the middle of the stance as a golfer could not generate enough weight forward to hit the shot.

Also, there wouldn’t be much space to generate a loft for the club. And if a golfer still tries to place the ball in the middle of the stance, there are chances of the ball hitting the leading edge.

When will Phil Mickelson be playing his next tournament?

The six-time major champion joined the LIV Golf League in 2022. Since then, he has made a very limited number of appearances in golf tournaments.

While he is committed to playing all the tournaments in the League, this season he also participated in all four majors.

The HyFlyer’s captain, Phil Mickelson, will next be teeing off at Rich Harvest Farms, Illinois, in the LIV Golf Chicago. The tournament is scheduled to kick off on September 22–24.

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