The curtains will soon fall over the Alvaro Top-Up event in Free Fire MAX, with another similar style of event likely to replace it. Fortunately, reliable leaks about the next iteration have recently come to light, offering the community a glimpse of what’s set to arrive in the battle royale title.

Based on leaks provided by VipClown, a popular data miner in the Indian community, the next top-up event will be known as Glee Spee. As such, this event will feature two rewards, including a Mythic loot box from the Glee Spee brand and a rare emote, which users can obtain for free by simply purchasing the required number of diamonds.

Considering that the details of this upcoming top-up event are based solely on leaks, they should be taken with a grain of salt as Garena is yet to officially confirm its release. The same top-up events and rewards may or may not be made available in the battle royale title.

Free Fire MAX Glee Spee Top-Up event has been leaked

In one of his recent Instagram posts, a Free Fire MAX data miner who goes by the name of VIPClown_OFC shared the video and the posters of the Glee Spee Top-Up event that will most likely be released in the game soon. The event is expected to go live on the Indian, Bangladeshi and Singaporean servers on April 5, 2023, i.e., shortly after the conclusion of the Alvaro Top-Up event.

According to the data miner, the two rewards in this event are the Golden Seat Loot Box and Forward Backward Emote. Like any other top-up event, players must purchase the game’s premium currency (diamonds) to obtain the aforementioned items.

The expected requirements for the event and the corresponding rewards are as follows:

  • Purchase 100 diamonds to get a free Golden Seat Loot Box
  • Purchase 300 diamonds to get a free Forward Backward Emote

As always, the requirements are expected to be successive and inseparable. Hence, the purchase of 300 diamonds in the battle royale title will likely get players both of these rewards. For this event, they can spend Rs. 240 to get 310 diamonds.

Latest Gold Royale leaks for the Indian server

This is the next Gold Royale on the Indian server (Image via vipclown_ofc/Instagram)
This is the next Gold Royale on the Indian server (Image via vipclown_ofc/Instagram)

Gold Royale is one of the most popular Luck Royales in Free Fire MAX, where players can spend gold instead of diamonds to make spins and get rewards. It generally features an attractive outfit that individuals can obtain during that fixed period of time.

As per the leaks from VIPClown, the next Gold Royale on the Indian server might feature a Pop Host button. In addition to newly added rewards, the Gold Royale event is expected to feature better rewards as well.

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