Max Verstappen’s outstanding ability that extract the best potential of Red Bull’s car explained by former F1 champion 

Former world champion Jenson Button has said that Max Verstappen has the ability to extract the maximum out of the machinery that legendary designer Adrian Newey designs.

The Dutch driver is currently experiencing one of the best dominant spells in the history of the sport as he is on course to winning his third consecutive drivers championship. In the 2023 season specifically, he has won 12 out of 14 races thus far, which includes the current streak of 10 consecutive race wins.

Lewis Hamilton recently said that Max Verstappen has had an easier time as he has not had the same quality of teammates compared to him. While speaking with Sky Sports, one of Hamilton’s former teammates Jenson Button pointed out that the seven-time world champion may be correct in his assessment but Verstappen can extract the maximum out of any car that he is given.

Button said:

“I think Lewis has had some very tough team-mates. But, for me, I would be more fearful of going up against Max in the same car. I think it is because the car is designed around his style, or he can drive a car that Adrian Newey gives him. Adrian Newey gives him a car that says ‘This is the quickest car in the world.'”

He added:

“If you take away front downforce, it will go slower but be easier to drive. And Max is like ‘Right, I have to drive how you made this car and I need to drive it as good as I can.’ I think he’s very good at that and I think a lot of drivers struggle to compete with that.”

Jenson Button on whether Lando Norris should partner Max Verstappen in Red Bull

Jenson Button has said that Lando Norris would have to decide about his future and where he wants to drive if he wants to become a world champion.

The 2009 world champion said that to be the best and win the world championship, you have to beat the best and that is something that the young British driver has to do while going against the likes of Max Verstappen. He said:

“I think that’s what he has to decide what he has to do. If he’s clever, he will decide on a car that suits his style. I think we have seen from a lot of drivers that Red Bull doesn’t suit many drivers apart from Max, so it’s not an easy decision for him.

“As long as he can see the future and think that they are in a good place as a team and it gives him confidence, stay there. If not, go and fight Max Verstappen in his own team.”

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