Level Up Player Pick SBC: FIFA 23 Level Up Player Pick SBC

The Level Up Player Pick SBC has returned to FIFA 23’s Ultimate Team, following a previous occasion where this challenge was removed due to a glitch. Like all the ongoing promos and special SBCs, this inclusion introduces cards from one of the most popular promos in Ultimate Team: Level Up. This series was a fresh addition to the FIFA video game series earlier this summer, and you can once again find some of those amazing items from that event in Ultimate Team currently.

If you want to complete this SBC, your first task will be to predict how many FUT Coins you’ll need to spend on fodder to use in it. This will enable you to decide whether attempting this challenge is worth your time. The best way to predict your expenses involves analyzing the Level Up Player Pick SBC’s task in FIFA 23.

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Cheapest Level Up Player Pick SBC solution in FIFA 23

The task in this latest Level Up Player Pick SBC is pretty similar to the last one. It only has one segment, and the stipulation is pretty straightforward. Here is the squad you’ll need to submit to complete this SBC:

Task – Level Up Player Pick SBC

  • TOTS/TOTW: Min 1
  • Squad Rating: Min 88
  • # of players in the Squad: 11

This SBC will cost about 60,000 FUT Coins if you get all the fodder from this title’s FUT market. You can reduce that price using items already available in your Ultimate Team collection. You can also grind FIFA 23 modes like Squad Battles and Division Rivals to get more packs that can be opened to get more fodder items, which can be used in this challenge.

The Level Up promo was incredibly popular due to it being a new event and the way this inclusion worked. Each card in this series had an upgraded version that could be obtained by meeting certain conditions.

Thanks to the latest challenge, you won’t have to bother with base players, as all available rewards only include upgraded ones.

After you complete the challenge, you’ll get four options to pick from. The one you choose will be added to your Ultimate Team squad, while the rest will be discarded. Fans will hope that this promo stays in the title — unlike last time when it had to be removed due to a glitch — and that they’re able to complete it.

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