Kenya Moore slams Ralph Pittman on RHOA season 15 reunion pt. 2


In The Real Housewives of Atlanta (RHOA) season 15 reunion part 2, there was a brief discussion regarding Ralph Pittman and Drew Sidora’s divorce. While Drew was explaining her issues with Ralph, she got emotional and shared:

“I literally have given you all of my 30s, and you have completely broken my heart every year. Every time I try to come to you as my husband and say, ‘Babe, this is how I’m feeling,’ you never acknowledge my feelings. You never do right by me.”

However, RHOA cast members Drew and Ralph are seen making accusations and confessions, which gets to a point where the former leaves the setting while Ralph mentions that he wants his ex-wife to be “in a good place” and that he would keep on “supporting her.”

“I always want my wife to be in a good place and I’ve supported her for a very long time. I always uplift her. I’m always supporting [her].”

Drew took some time to process her emotions at that point. Meanwhile, Kenya stood up for her friend and criticized Ralph’s behavior throughout. According to her, instead of supporting his ex-wife, Ralph has done the opposite.

“You can’t say you’re supporting [Drew] when she tells you that someone is calling her a bitch and she has a problem with it and you’re like, ‘Everyone calls you a bitch, so get over yourself.’ What a woman wants to hear, what a wife wants to hear, is, ‘I’m sorry that those people are making you feel that way. What can I do?'”

Ralph and Drew, who were married in 2014, announced their divorce in March 2023.

The second installment of The Real Housewives of Atlanta (RHOA) season 15 reunion featured Drew’s breakup song

However, Kenya Moore didn’t stop there, she also explained how she relates to Drew by mentioning her own relationship with Marc Daly, whom she divorced in August 2021. In her statement, Kenya stated:

“Being that I have been in a marriage that is somewhat similar to yours and how you respond to her, there’s so many similarities when I see you guys interact. And I’m just trying to get you to see things from a different perspective that’s not coming from Drew, but someone that’s lived in a situation like that.”

During the second part of the RHOA reunion, Drew also sang her single, Throw Us Away. Ralph sat straight during his Drew’s singing, while other cast members and Andy Cohen felt slightly awkward. Following this, Drew Sidora shared with The Daily Dish what inspired her to write this song, saying:

“They say art imitates life, and this is something that ‘Throw Us Away’ does. This song literally reflects where I am in my life right now and the shift that is taking place. When we created this record, I wanted my vocals and lyrics to really paint a clear picture. This is the first time I’ve been really able to capture my life in my music and create it in real time.”

The RHOA star stated:

“The current status of my marriage and my life overall has been made very public, and the music has been a way for me to cope with all the changes.”

She then explained how working on her music has served as her “safe place” and helped her meet many talented producers and writers.

Fans can now watch all the episodes of The Real Housewives of Atlanta (RHOA) season 15 on Bravo. Season 15 starred reality TV celebrities like Kandi Burruss, Sheree Whitfield, Kenya Moore, Marlo Hampton, Drew Sidora, and Sanya Richards-Ross.

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