“It makes zero sense” – Former WWE employee criticizes lazy booking error during Jey Uso’s opening segment on RAW (Exclusive)


Former WWE head writer Vince Russo was unhappy with how Jey Uso’s opening segment on RAW played out.

Uso kicked off the show and was soon interrupted by Kevin Owens. KO mentioned that Jey needed to earn his trust and convince the entire RAW locker room that he was a better person now. However, Judgment Day came out and tried to recruit the former Bloodline member. This didn’t go well, as Jey and Owens beat them out of the ring.

This week on Legion of RAW, Russo explained that Jey had just gotten out of the oppressive rule of Roman Reigns. He questioned why he would want to associate with another faction so soon. He stated that it was a weak booking decision by the creative team.

He also implied that the overall booking of RAW was lazy.

“Here’s the problem. Jey Uso just went through hell to finally get out of the Bloodline. He went through hell to get his independence. So what bro? Now he’s gonna go over to RAW and join Judgment Day? It makes zero sense. They’re still reaching for straws, man. The whole story was he wanted to get out of The Bloodline and be his own man. He achieved that and now we’re just supposed to believe he’s gonna join The Judgment Day? It’s so weak on so many freaking levels, man.” [4:25 – 5:14]

You can watch the full video here:

You can catch the full results of Monday Night RAW here.

Jey Uso and Kevin Owens teamed up against The Judgment Day

This week on RAW, Jey Uso and Kevin Owens decide to put their personal differences aside and join forces to face The Judgment Day. KO started with some strong offense, planting Finn Balor with a Stunner for a near fall.

However, things went south for the team when Jey inadvertently decked Kevin with the Superkick. Balor then hit the Coup de Grace for a huge win.

In the aftermath of the match, Jey tried to explain his actions to KO, but the Prizefighter walked off.

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