EA Sports PGA Tour is right around the corner, with its release set for April 7, 2023. While many players are excited to get their hands on the golf video game from Electronic Arts (EA), others are wondering about its availability on the PlayStation 4.

Unfortunately, EA Sports PGA Tour will not launch on the PlayStation 4. The upcoming game is focused on delivering a realistic golf experience, as evidenced by its faithful recreation of popular golf courses, character creation, and its adherence to emulating realistic gameplay mechanics for fans. This is one of the reasons why it won’t be available on the last-generation console.

Why EA Sports PGA Tour is not available on the PS4


Avid golf fans may be disappointed to learn that EA Sports PGA Tour will not be available on the PlayStation 4. The game suffered many delays to get to this juncture of release, which adds to the disappointment of its unavailability on the console.

The only clarification in this regard lies on the FAQ page of the title’s website. It states:

“EA SPORTS PGA TOUR’s high-fidelity visuals and gameplay are only possible with PlayStation 5 and Xbox X|S consoles as well as some PCs, so the game was developed with this in mind.”


EA Sports PGA Tour is plush with a variety of modes like Career Mode, Quick Play, Challenges, and Tournaments. Players can test their skills against individuals around the globe in Competitive Mode. The mode pits them against skilled players, and rankings come into effect when matchmaking. To come across more evenly matched opponents and play a relaxed match or two, one can try out Social Mode.

The game will be available on PlayStation 5, Xbox Series X/S, and PC. One can attribute its unavailability on the PlayStation 4 to the extensive features and intricate gameplay system that are graphically demanding.

More about the game


EA Sports PGA Tour features up to 30 golf courses from the likes of The Country Club, TPC Boston, St Andrews, and more. Players can even partake in popular tournaments like the U.S. Open Championship, PGA Championship, the Open Championship, and Masters Tournament.

Furthermore, players can engage with pro golfers like Hideki Matsuyama, Nelly Korda, Cameron Champ, and many others. They can choose them as their golfers or compete against them in the myriad of modes discussed above.

Players must note that numerous factors will impact every shot in this premier golf title. These factors include the terrain’s slope, wind speed and direction, the club used, as well as countless other real-life conditions.

Fans excited to delve into the game can check out its trial. They can refer to this article that highlights how to access the trial, available dates, and more.

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