“I know some people would struggle with it”

It’s a dream for many to make it to the global juggernaut wrestling promotion that is WWE, but not a lot of people succeed in doing so, let alone in quick fashion. Despite being fresh on the main roster, Australian superstar Grayson Waller has found a considerable amount of popularity.

Grayson Waller made his main roster in-ring debut against WWE Hall of Famer Edge at Madison Square Garden. He has already stepped into the squared circle with so many big names. Prior to his relatively short run on the main roster thus far, he made a significant impact in NXT.

Speaking on WWE’s The Bump recently, the Aussie compared being called up to the main roster as similar to leaving home for college. Waller stated that there is no way one is getting “babied” like how they take care of the new stars on the developmental brand:

“I think the main thing is you’re not babied anymore. In NXT, they take care of you. Obviously, you’re inexperienced, and you’re new, for some people, [they don’t have] a wrestling background. This is their first match, first time doing a promo, all that kind of stuff. So for me, you go up [to the main roster], and it’s like, go. They’re not taking care of you. They’re looking after you. I guess it’s like leaving home and going to college. You’re on your own, which I love. That’s what I want.”

The SmackDown star also added that it’s either “sink or swim” once the superstars have made the jump:

“I know some people would struggle with it. You’re not getting babied; that doesn’t happen. You get called up, it’s sink or swim and you can make that decision pretty quickly,” he said. [H/T: Fightful]

Austin Theory and the 33-year-old have recently forged a friendship. How this translates on WWE television in the coming weeks makes Friday nights an anticipated show for many.

Grayson Waller takes several jabs at John Cena ahead of his return to WWE SmackDown

John Cena made headlines recently for not only making his return to the Stamford-based promotion, but also for his debut in India, where The Cenation Leader has a ton of fans. His video with The Great Khali learning Hindi is also making the rounds online.

Following Superstar Spectacle in India this past Friday night, John Cena is scheduled for next week’s SmackDown. He will appear on The Grayson Waller Effect. After taking a personal dig at the Hollywood star’s recent flops, the loudmouth Aussie further added:

What’s next for Grayson Waller on WWE SmackDown? Will his recent shots at John Cena translate to a one-on-one contest fans have been clamoring for since their meeting in London? Share your thoughts in the comments section below.

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