The Hell in a Cell matchup between Finn Balor and Edge on night two of WrestleMania 39 was reportedly cut short.

The Demon and the R-Rated Superstar have been feuding for months on WWE programming, with last night’s Hell in a Cell encounter at the Showcase of the Immortals set to be the final chapter. At one point in the contest, Edge threw a ladder at Balor’s head, which left a huge gash on the head of the first-ever Universal Champion.

The match was temporarily stopped so that physicians could close Balor’s wound. However, the severity of Balor’s wound also caused the match to be cut short, according to the Wrestling Observer’s Dave Meltzer. The longtime journalist stated that WWE doesn’t want to show blood and that Balor’s Demon makeup covered up the worst parts.

The two superstars rushed through the rest of the match to get to the finish. Edge would win after hitting the Judgment Day member with a Con-chair-to.

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Finn Balor had to be given an injection at ringside to numb the wound so it could be closed up

Finn Balor has always been considered one of the toughest guys on the WWE roster, but last night he went above and beyond that status. After the ladder busted him open, the ringside physicians were forced to give him an injection so the area of the wound could numb and they could staple it shut.

The Demon Prince has since shared a photo of the moment on his personal Twitter:

Triple H told the media at the WrestleMania 39 press conference that Balor was fine and that sometimes “metal appliances can be unforgiving.” The Game later credited Balor for finishing the matchup and “putting on a classic.” One thing is for certain, the Hell in a Cell showdown lived up to the brutality that was promised between Edge and Finn Balor.

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