The spoilers and raw scans for Black Clover’s latest issue were released earlier this week, bringing with them an incredibly exciting update for the series. Fans saw the fight between Noelle Silva and her mother Acier officially begin in the spoilers, and it is likely set to be one of the best fights of the series’ ongoing final arc.

Black Clover’s latest unofficial release also saw Yuno and Lucius’ fight continue, where Lucius became incredibly confused about how Yuno and others became so powerful. After sharing that he was unable to foresee such events happening in this reality, it’s seemingly confirmed that Asta’s influence is what changed the future so dramatically.

While this was an incredibly exciting issue, fans were upset to learn that author and illustrator Yuki Tabata would be taking a one-week publication break upon chapter 360’s official release. Although the nature of the break suggests all is well with Black Clover’s creator, fans are still curious as to why Tabata is choosing now, of all times, to take a one-week break.

Black Clover fans confused as to why Tabata is taking a one-week break so soon after one-month hiatus

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While the announcement of the latest Black Clover break didn’t cite any particular reason, fans are still curious as to why Tabata chose now, of all times, to put the series on hold. One of the driving factors in this inquisitiveness from readers stems from the fact that the series recently returned from a one-month hiatus, which ended with chapter 359’s release.

That’s not to say that Tabata is unallowed to take a one-week break at his personal discretion. Whether for mental or physical health, or for the sake of simply taking a week off, or to plan the series’ next steps, fans strongly believe that Tabata and all mangaka are allowed to take breaks. This sentiment rings especially true in the wake of Kentaro Miura’s tragic death, as well as Yoshihiro Togashi’s recent return to publication being halted by back issues.

On that note, this break thankfully does not seem to be related to or indicative of Tabata’s current health. If this were the case, a formal announcement from Shueisha likely would’ve accompanied the chapter release, as has occurred in the past when Tabata’s health was an issue. Resultantly, this would suggest that the break is either to give Tabata some time off, or to plan the series’ next moves.

Obviously, the more exciting prospect is the idea that Tabata is taking time to plan the series’ next steps, especially when one considers that Asta was a part of chapter 360’s ending focus. However, this is far from guaranteed, which is unfortunate considering how exciting it would be to see Asta appear just as Lucius realizes how truly dangerous his enemy is.

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