The vehicle warehouse is one of the oldest businesses in GTA Online, having been added to the game with the Import/Export update in December 2016. It is an active business in the game that requires the direct involvement of the player. While other businesses and properties take time to generate profits, the best trait of the vehicle warehouse is that it makes instant profits.

Rockstar Games introduced the business as part of the CEO Office. This means that players must first purchase and set up their Executive Offices to unlock vehicle warehouses.

GTA Online has nine vehicle warehouse locations, each with its own set of advantages and disadvantages. Although they are all in Los Santos, selecting the right location is critical for the business to thrive.

This article lists five of the best locations where Grand Theft Auto Online players can set up their vehicle warehouses in 2023.

Note: This article is subjective and solely reflects the writer’s opinions.

Ranking the 5 best vehicle warehouse locations to excel in the Import-Export business in GTA Online

5) Cypress Flats Vehicle Warehouse – $2,675,000


The Cypress Flats Vehicle Warehouse is located on Popular Street in Cypress Flats, just a few meters away from the La Mesa Vehicle Warehouse. It is situated in an industrial area with many other factories, including Special Cargo Warehouses in GTA Online.

Although the area is congested, it is conveniently connected to all major highways such as El Rancho Boulevard, Elysian Fields Freeway, and others. Gang violence is also prevalent in this area. However, it is easy to avoid them by using the highways.

4) La Mesa Vehicle Warehouse – $1,500,000


The La Mesa Vehicle Warehouse is the cheapest vehicle cargo warehouse in GTA Online. It is located on Orchardville Avenue in La Mesa and is conveniently connected to the Elysian Fields Freeway, El Rancho Boulevard, Popular Street, and others.

Similar to the Davis Vehicle Warehouse, this area also has a massive gang influence. However, they are somewhat less hostile than the Groove Street gangs. The entry point is not very convenient, with narrow streets and no free space to land aircraft. However, the main reason GTA Online players invest in this location is its proximity to highways.

3) Murrieta Heights Vehicle Warehouse – $2,850,000


The Murrieta Heights Vehicle Warehouse is one of the most expensive properties in GTA Online. It is located near El Rancho Boulevard in Murrieta Heights, east of Los Santos. Players who want a vehicle warehouse right next to the highway can purchase this property for convenience.

However, the entrance to the vehicle warehouse is poorly placed, and players must approach with caution to avoid damaging their traded vehicles. All major highways, including the Elysian Fields Freeway, Palomino Freeway, Del Perro Freeway, and others, are easily accessible from the area.

2) Davis Vehicle Warehouse – $2,495,000


The Davis Vehicle Warehouse is in a convenient location not far from Davis Avenue, Alta Street, and other major highways. The property can be found on Grove Street in Davis, near the Los Santos River. However, since it is on Grove Street, GTA Online players should avoid triggering local gang members, as they may turn extremely hostile at times.

The surrounding area of the property is a little congested, with trees, billboards, power poles, and a massive river. Although it has a good enough landing spot in the front for helicopters, the vehicle’s entry point is very small and enclosed by walls.

1) La Puerta Vehicle Warehouse – $2,735,000


The La Puerta Vehicle Warehouse is one of the most popular vehicle warehouses among GTA Online players. It is located on Mutiny Road in La Puerta, northeast of the Maze Bank Arena. Despite being located beneath the La Puerta Freeway, the property has easy access to all major highways, including Dutch London Street, Alta Street, Davis Avenue, and others.

The surrounding area of the vehicle warehouse is also open (except for the La Puerta Freeway flyover). This gives players a significant advantage when importing and exporting vehicle cargo in GTA Online, as well as landing aircraft for faster commutes.

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